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Sure, proofreading and editing can certainly go hand-in-hand, but they are two different elements to getting a piece published.  For editing, please know that we can "track changes" via Microsoft Word, or use a free-hand technique on a hard copy of your work (red pens aren't always a bad thing).


Do you need someone to read over your current material?  Do you need a second set of eyes to make sure that one section has correct syntax, grammar, et cetera? Our eyes are keen and can detect sentence formatting in the humblest of essays.  


Need assistance with a section of your story that just isn't "flowing?"  We are aware that each writer has a distinct voice, and we want yours to be heard.  We will ask to speak with you about your needs, and may request a sample of your writing to better understand the style of your voice.

Have an idea, but just can't get the words out?  We've been there.  Let's brainstorm an idea for your story, play, or picture book and get those thoughts on paper.


45-minute consultations about your project are always complimentary*.  Let's meet for a coffee and chat about your endeavors!

*Consultation complimentary before booking service only.  Consultations after initial meeting are charged by the hour.


Are you a writer that is determined to get your work published? Having a second (or third, +) set of eyes to proofread and/or edit your work is highly crucial to publishers reading or advancing your work. Packages are listed below, and each include an initial conversation about your project.

Novel (45,000-75,000 words) Full Proof + Edit


Novel (45,000-75,000 words) Full Proof


Novella (20,000-45,000 words) Full Proof + Edit


Novella (20,000-45,000 words) Full Proof


Essay, Short Story, Picture Book Full Proof + Edit


Essay, Short Story, Picture Book Full Proof


Other projects can certainly be discussed. Please email or call for more information.

Scheduling is based on availability.


Payments are currently accepted by cash, check, PayPal, or Venmo.  

Depending on project type, payment can be collected at agreed upon time between the two parties.


Q:   I have a full-length novel that I would like you to edit.  How long would this process take?

A:  Depending on the length of book, this could take anywhere between forty to one-hundred hours.  We will discuss your book's story, length, and character development before the editing process begins.  Don't be afraid to ask questions during the initial consultation!

Q:  What do you reference for your editing procedure?  Do you even use references?

A:  Although we would love to take full credit when editing projects, even editors need assistance with the use of an en-dash or em-dash.  We use The Chicago Manual of Style whenever we need to reference a question when editing.  We are also lucky enough to be part of a fantastic community of writers and editors that communicate regularly with questions regarding an editorial concern.

Q: What is the difference between Proofreading and Editing?

A:  Proofreading and Editing are two elements to writing that seem very similar.  When writing a story, novel, essay, et cetera the stages of writing are typically in this format:

1.  Outline

2.  Write (First Draft)

3.  Edit

4.  Revise

5.  Proofread

6.  (In a perfect world) Get Published

As you can see, proofreading actually isn't the first step once you are finished writing your first (or second, third) draft, but the last component before sending it off to a publisher.  Although misplaced commas are often frustrating for the reader, it is more important that they can follow the story first (hence, editing).  Still have questions about the difference?  Let us know!

Are you a student or active military?

We fully support those that want to continue their education and people that are serving our country.  If you are a current undergraduate or graduate student or active military, please mention this during consultation for special rates.